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Inspiration happens when you least expect it!!

Our journey began watching the award-winning TV Eat Street where we attempted to turn junk food into good food. But while a TV series highlighted the Food Truck business all around the world, except India, we decided to launch India's First Food Truck “Eggjactly".

Launched in January 2015, we are serving up the healthiest and tastiest Burgers,Tacos, Wraps, Omlettes, Waffles, Pancakes and Crepes all this goodness from our mobile truck.

Eggjactly was born out of an adventurous and extraordinary idea – an idea to transform the way we look at street food. With our entrepreneurial spirit and love for food in tow we set out to bring this change in an experimental way with Eggjactly – The Food Truck.

We aim at providing classic comfort food using our key ingredient – eggs. Not just for breakfast we make eggs appetising all day. Our constantly evolving menu combined with experimental cooking will keep you coming back to us. After all it’s not just the classic bread, butter and egg, but amazing creations that are constructed with the best ingredients and made with nothing but love.

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"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food."
-Team Eggjactly!

Our Menu

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  1. Hangover Breakfast Combo

    ₹ 160

    Choice of Eggs - (2eggs) - Boiled/Sunny Side Up/Omelette - Masala/Cheese - 2 strips Bacon - 1 Chicken sausage - 2 toast with Home Made Butter- Juice(Any 1)

  2. Pancake Slam Combo

    ₹ 160

    Freshly Made Pancake (3), with 1 Chicken Sausage , 2 bacon strip, sunnyside up(2 eggs)

  3. Smokehouse Combo

    ₹ 160

    2 eggs with ham,mushroom , tomatoes ,bell peppers ,1 grilled chicken breast served with toast & Home Made butter

  4. Split Decision Breakfast Combo

    ₹ 160

    2 Eggs Sunny Side up/Scrambled Egg with 1 Sausage served with Toast & Home Made Butter with Juice(1)

Eggjactly - Diwali Menu

EggJactly the food truck Provides a window into a lot of different cultures & cuisine.
-Team eggJACTLY

Our Team

The Friendliest People

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Chief-Eating-Officer & Founder

Vikrant Misra is a start-up and tech enthusiast with special interests in understanding e-commerce, and Food & Beverages market. He founded Eggjactly in late 2014 as India’s first GPS based food-truck concept with features including Android billing, Mobile Payments, & and entirely electric powered kitchen. He’s a hardcore negotiator & salesman with twelve years of experience in selling ; including offline merchandise stores of Provogue & managing the operations & marketing of the 8,00,000 sq.ft Prozone Mall in Aurangabad.

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Chief-Awesomeness-Officer & Co-Founder

Lvanika is an attorney by qualification and a foodie at heart. After spending 4 years at the Bar as a practising attorney she decided to follow the way to her heart…a plate of yummylicious food. Her eyes twinkle at the mention of “Food" and she could make you travel any distance to get that twinkle. A food truck had been her dream for the longest time. As they say dreams do come true and that’s exactly when Eggjactly happened, and then she dropped the pen and picked up the ladle



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